Garden Single family

During the development of this projectd we tried to integrate the new renovated space into the previously defined style that the house had.

In this case, we expand the swimmingpool area, providing it with an spectacular solarium with curved lines in tune with the pool. Additionally, we integrated a tropical palapa with Eucalyptus stumps, all of these very much in harmony with the space. We created a game zone with swings and a wooden hut placed on a big olive tree. A corner full of enchantment for the youngest members of the house.

Water is a key decorative element of any garden. Based on this, another key area to mention which plays a key role is the lake, composed of different stones with large and small volumes, a natural space where the combination of the sound of the water with the vegetable species, create an ideal atmosphere, full of colours, shapes and scents which bring the whole space to life.