We present one of our last projects carried out in the Urb. Torre en Conill (Betera) the difficulty of the project resided in the slopes that the land presented, as well as the integration of the different spaces with a modern concept in tune with the housing.

To solve the slopes we use natural stone with a placement in masonry in different heights for the containment of the land, some corridors with slate slabs link the different levels, as for the vegetation, in this project the clients bet by prairie of natural grass, creating a comfortable, comfortable and pleasant to the touch, as a main element we integrate an ornamental Olive tree of great beauty at the entrance and Syagrus in the pool area to give it a tropical air, the perimeter fence is formed by Viburnun, and to give the touch In color we have added photineas and phornium in reddish tones, Bouganvillea and limoniun perezii in purple tones among other species.

The result is a spectacular garden that next to the fountain located in the back area invites you to enjoy unforgettable moments outdoors.