In the first meeting with the client, they invite me to know the space where, with great enthusiasm, he transmits to me the dream that has been hanging around his head for some time and that he did not dare to carry out due to its complexity and difficulty of execution.

The great challenge proposed by our client was if he could create a space in the middle of a lake to be able to celebrate all kinds of ceremonies and events. A fantastic enclave surrounded by nature, water and waterfalls creating a very tropical environment. A challenge!

After visiting the area of the garden to be remodeled and the needs of the project, we began to draw a series of drawings, giving solutions for the realization of a jetty with a central tropical palapa where to celebrate the links. The lake is undoubtedly the main element since its shape and color characterizes us to a paradisiacal island of white sand, surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants.

The selected plant species enhance every corner of the project, providing that tropical and flowered air that we were looking for with enthusiasm and that allow the garden to mutate and adapt to the climate in the different seasons of the year.

From the beginning, I was clear about the importance of natural stone on the environment, so I moved to the province of Teruel for the selection of exclusive rocks with great volume and appropriate texture.

The experience and skill of Jose Collado was fundamental when supervising every detail of his execution.

The waterfalls, which are very complex to characterize, acquire great prominence due to their beauty and surround sound. A complex and very laborious work, but full of satisfactions, the best recognition of the client for having been able to carry out the dream that he always had in mind