We support a different kind of landscaping projects based on ecological gardening. Our aim is to design and create sustainable spaces in which maintenance work and water usage are reduced, improving the life standards of our clients whilst being respectful with the environment.

Sustainability can be perceived in each project we develop, specially when considering that after 12 months, it has become a reality without any effort. We use materials provided by the nature, as well as recycled or synthetic. All of them in accordance with vegetation give the garden a different spirit. The most advanced techniques are fully integrated with the use of the natural resources.

In ecological gardening we benefit from the natural resources for the auto regulation of the natural processes. This way, we try to avoid the use of chemical products that have a negative impact to the nature. One of the most important requirements is to use natural products, something we have been implanting for a long time.

Usage of chemical treatments is avoided whenever possible with the objective to improve our customer´s quality of life. We achieve this by working with different procedures and using biological products and vegetal extracts, that the plants provide us. As a result, we manage to protect the different species and obtain excellent results. With the use of good techniques, we can actually manage to ensure that some plants take care others.